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Your Consultant is  Jessica & Jason Miller

My Story

  My Scentsy journey began on October 26, 2008; I was setting up for a vendor event selling for a different company that I had been with for over a year.  While I was setting up, my future sponsor was setting up her table across from me.  I kept watching her set up her display because I was very curious about her product that I had never seen before.  A little into the event, I went over and looked at her warmers - I was instantly in love with the different styles and colors.  I then started to smell some of her scents and was hooked.  I had decided to book a basket party and try to get some free product.  After looking through the catalog and viewing the consultant information, I considered giving up my other direct selling business and start selling Scentsy.  I was hesitant at first, I wanted to make sure that there wasn’t any catches and make sure it was something worth investing into.  After I got home from the event, I showed the catalog to my husband.  After a couple of hours, I decided to sign up as a consultant.  A few days later I received my starter kit, it was like Christmas!  I shared my new business with my family, friends, and co-workers.  Everyone loved the idea of Scentsy and I knew that I had made the right choice!  Once I received all of the new warmers and scents for my house, we got rid of all the candles and started using Scentsy.  At the time, my daughter was 2 years old.  I knew that Scentsy would be a much safer product to use in my house with little kids around.  Now my daughter is a great help, she loves smelling all of the new scents and helps me at events when she can.  My son also enjoys when all the Scentsy boxes arrive, he loves opening every bar to smell them – even if it’s 5 of the same scent! Scentsy has been a wonderful company to be a part of!  The training and support is unbelieveable!  This company is like a huge family and there is always someone available to help or encourage you to help keep your business moving forward! Please contact me for additional information if Scentsy seems like a fit for you – whether you’re looking for just a little extra money every month or looking to replace your full time job – anything is possible!! Jessica Miller (570) 780-0724   My timeline with Scentsy: 2008 10/26 – Became an Independent Scentsy Consultant 11/09 – 15th day with Scentsy; achieved Shooting Star Award 11/30 – Promoted to Certified Consultant 2009 - Achieved ScentSational Start Level 1 - Promoted to Lead Consultant - Promoted to Star Consultant 11/30 – Skipped SuperStar Consultant & Promoted to Director! I have also achieved the Summer Incentives for 2010, 2011 & 2012 as well as the ScentSational Trainer award for helping my downline reach Level 2 or 3 in their first 70 days! 2013 02/06 - attended my first Spring Sprint in Syracuse, NY 07/10-12 - attended my first Scentsy Family Reunion in Indianapolis!! 2014 07/08-11 - attended Scentsy Family Reunion in St. Louis - for FREE! Earned this trip for free under the Fall/Winter 13 Trip Incentive! 2015 2/7 - Spring Sprint in Baltimore, MD 7/20-23 - Attended Scenty Family Reunion in Las Vegas!!